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All-rounded designs

At Landscape Architect Guys we are driven by the belief that our quality of life is affected by our surrounding whether at home, office or public places. This ensures that we design all rounded structures that range from the physical and cultural context of a building to its functional and environmental performance.

A collaborative approach

At Landscape Architect Guys our collaborative design approach ensures that we create cost effective, sustainable and innovative design solutions. Throughout the construction process, our staffs work with you to ensure that we remain on the same page. It doesn’t matter whether you need a state of the art university complex, a complex lab facility or a manufacturing facility. At Landscape Architect Guys we provide exceptional design solutions with great service and flawless execution.

Professional, experienced and creative

At Landscape Architect Guys, we have extensive and proven knowledge and experience that is aimed at providing designs that are both functional and creative. We listen to you to understand your needs and aspirations and to produce solutions that are unique. From the design concept to the planning and building of warrant drawings we will manage your construction from start to finish.

If you intend to alter or extend your current home, you are in the right place. Instead of finding a new home, it makes more sense to extend, improve and alter your current home. At Landscape Architect Guys, we use the latest state-of-the-art technology to produce full color images that show how your building will end up looking like. If you are happy with the design, we will quickly extract the information to produce the plans needed for planning permission. After the planning permission has been approved, we will develop the drawing further to provide the necessary details for submission to the building regulation. In other words, we handle all the important steps in the process of architectural design. You can be guaranteed of consistent, reliable and high quality results at rates that are competitive.

We have a team of qualified and experienced engineers who are capable of addressing your needs when it comes to residential or commercial architectural design. We also offer custom design for solutions that are user specific. Before you start your project, we seek to help in the master planning as well as project programming design. We have architectural services that include safety and security analysis, survey and reports on existing facilities as well as strategic business planning. If you are thinking of how much the construction is going to cost you, we can provide you the preliminary project budgeting and the benefit and cost analysis.

We will start with an onsite consultation where we send a member of staff to go through the questions focusing on what you are thinking of doing. The professional will then take the relevant measurements as well as a photo of the site while taking into consideration anything that might impact on how the home extension will be carried out such as the height of the windows, access, planning, services issues etc. You can reach us on 888-356-0188 and we will transform your home.

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